Oklahoma Style Church Picnic

Our church fall picnic was this past weekend.  It was in true Oklahoma style.  I’ll let the pictures speak mostly for themselves…since there are many.  They’re all unedited and in their raw form…because honestly, I don’t have time to enhance them.  Ahhh, maybe one day.  For right now, I’m enjoying the challenge of getting a […]

Make: Moss Wreath

If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know I’m not super traditional with my decor – holiday or not.  Fall does not have to scream loud oranges, reds, and greens. And don’t even get me started on Halloween decorating…sculls, witches, coffins?  In your yard, people?! Give me muted tones, nature, earthy, harvesty…that’s me. I came […]

It’s A Cold Front

My friend passed this recipe on to me last winter when we first moved here.   It was so good, that I froze several batches ahead for easy postpartum meals.  So nice to pull this out of the freezer, warm on the stove, add the dairy products, and have a warm and hearty meal within minutes. ~ […]