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Sewing Nook with a Before and After

I snuck in a little sneak peak of my sewing nook during this tutorial of last week’s series.  My sewing space resides in our huge master bedroom in between 2 windows that let in lots of light…I love that.

But first, I wanted to show you a a before and after.

This sewing table was my grandmother’s and lived in a corner of her dining room for as long as I can remember…

My grandmother took excellent care of all of her things.  But the journey down south, the move from my parent’s house, and than the move to Oklahoma, provided its’ fair share of beatings for this fine piece.



This piece is extremely special to me since my grandmother passed away a few years ago.     Restoring it lifted my spirits and made me more certain it would be a piece with history that could be passed down from generation to generation.

I used a quart of oops paint for a dollar, and some white paint and clear lacquer I had in the garage.  I used an artist paint brush for the whole thing to give it that coastal look I adore.

I waited and waited to find the perfect knobs that updated but also dated the piece…and I’m pretty certain I just lost some of you with my serious take on knobs.   I realize it is NOT normal.

They’re from Anthropologie…clearance section of course!

{These too are on clearance if you are in the market for knobs, or just want some eye candy.}

And a shot of underneath of the desk.  The top portion of the desk opens up, folds over, and the vintage machine comes out!

The bulletin board has been a life saver of organization for me.  {Tutorial found here.}

I nailed my thread rack to the board and it holds scissors and tape measure, along with my threads.  I’m all about double duty.

A clearanced Target organizer is hung by clear thumb tacks and holds patterns, extra parts for my sewing machine, fabric pencils, PB magazine, etc.

Wire bin separates my scraps of fabric…

…from my bulkier fabric.  {That’s not all of it; in case you were thinking of sending me a supportive fabricaholicanonymous email.}  The metal cart was another before and after project.

And that’s my sewing nook!

Day 5: 5 Days Of Tutorials

This twin headboard was created with scrap wood and old pallet wood. You know that motto?  Think outside the box?  All the way baby!  This project was also made in a weekend’s worth of naptimes and hangs in Keller’s Big Boy Bedroom.

You have some naptimes to kill too???  Let’s get started then!

The idea was to make it with as little overhead as possible.  We’e just big about that here.  Steven kindly pieced the wood we had laying around to make a square big enough for me to cover for this headboard.   I don’t expect you to do all that though.

You’ll need:

:: Plywood {Depending on the size of your bed you’ll want to make the wood a few inches wider on both sides.  Ours was 39″ x 54″ for a twin.}

:: Fabric – big enough to cover your wood

:: Quilt batting – big enough to cover your wood

:: Stuffing – that white fluffy stuff {Mine was black. Go figure.}

:: Power Drill

:: Staple Gun and plenty of staples

:: Embroidery Thread and Needle

:: Nails

:: Cover Buttons – I used 22 and you do not want to use these…

I’ve heard these are better…

…Centsational Girl’s advice.

Step One: Take your cut piece of plywood and measure equal distances from left to right and top to bottom (see diagram below).  These are for the placement of the buttons.  Do as many or as little as you wish.

Simply mark your measurements accordingly, and be sure to offset them.  You can see we did a total of 5, 6, 5, & 6 marks on the horizontal from top to bottom.

Step Two: Drill holes where each mark has been made.

Step Three: Cover the raw wood with the stuffing, keeping it as smooth as possible.  {My stuffing came from some old pillows so forgive the hideous black color.}

Step Four: Overlay the stuffing with the quilt batting.

Step Five:  Carefully flip the headboard over and wrap the batting around all sides and staple it to the back side of the headboard.

Be careful to evenly distribute the staples to keep the batting even all around the sides.

Flip the headboard back over and it should look all smooth like this…

Step Six:  Lay fabric over and place the way you want it.

Step Eight: Staple the fabric, just like you did the batting.  Again, extremely important to staple evenly and with the same amount of tension so you have smooth sides.

Corners kinda go like this with the thick upholstery fabric…

You’ll have to forgive me because taking pictures of this part was pretty hard while doing it.  You thread your needle with…

It’s strong and you’re going to need that.

Step Nine: Go through one of your drilled holes with your needle and thread and sew your covered buttons on.  {I think I would go in with the needle and back through about twice for each button.}

Step Ten: Pull thread taught and tie to a nail in the back so it holds like this…

I only had screws {who runs out of nails???} and tore UP my fingers doing it.  So trust me.  Use nails.

Repeat this process for all your buttons.

Steven screwed 3 of these in for me in the back of the headboard…

And then I hung onto the wall.

A couple of my favorite pictures of Daddy and son with this project…

I hope you all have a chance to make one of these!!!

You can view the other King-sized upholstered headboard my husband and I collaborated on here.

That concludes the tutorial series.

I hope you all have had as much fun as I have!

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Be back Monday!



Day 4: 5 Days Of Tutorials

I like to make things pretty.  Even if it’s a simple gift…I want it to look nice.  I started experimenting with parchment paper last year and found I could sew it easily with my sewing machine and make custom sized bags for gifts and packaging.  You can too!

You’ll need:

:: Scissors

:: Thread

:: Book pages {optional}

:: Ruler {optional}

:: Parchment Paper

:: Sewing Machine {not pictured}

Step One:  Cut parchment paper to desired size.

{I pulled mine out and cut it at about 15 inches.}

Step Two: Gently fold in half, but don’t crease the paper.  The precut sides of the paper should be on bottom and top and the natural curve of the paper facing outward.

Step Three: Sew down the right side of your paper.

Step Four: Roll the paper so your seam is in the middle and flatten and crease everything.

{Trim up paper if you wish.}

Step Five: Fold the bottom edge and crease…

…And fold it over one more turn.

Step Six: Sew along the folded edge.

Note:  I LOVE using my triple seam for added texture and substance.  It looks like this on my machine:

The 04 one.

Step Seven:  Fill your bag with your goods. YUM.

{Doesn’t have to be food, but I’m partial to it.}

Make sure you leave some room in your bag sew you can sew it shut.

Step Eight: Fold over the top edge now…

…and fold it over once more.

Step Nine: Sew a seam down that folded edge too.

Here’s where we get to embellish!

StepTen: Cut your book pages.

I like to have just the word portion of my pages for this so I cut my page down to size and then cut it in half so I have four little strips like this…

Step Eleven: Sew or hot glue those strips together so you have one long book page strip…

Step Twelve: Ruffle your book page as you run a seam down the middle of your strip.

Looks like this…

Step Thirteen: Sew the ruffled paper onto your bag.

I run a seam along with the existing one so it blends in a little.

Trim off ends if you wish.

You can leave it like this…it’s just lovely.

Or you can add your special touches.  I’m partial to twine…

…and hemp…

…and an EmmaClaireCollection flower just seals the deal…

I made these bags for teacher gifts this year and filled them with “Snow Squares”.  I also find them handy and darling for little packages left at doors.  Think of tea bags stuck inside for a sick friend, or Godiva chocolate tucked safely inside for your husband.

Now I’m craving chocolate.

I can’t believe our tutorial week is almost done!  Last day is tomorrow and I hope you all have shared the love with friends.  Be back soon!

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