Roasted Strawberry Brown Butter Pancakes

Oh my.  Does that look heavenly or what?  You’re going to want to make these come Saturday morning if you’re a weekend-bakers-anonymous like me.  They’re healthy and deeelicious.  This recipe by How Sweet It Is is a definite keeper and I will be repeating this anonymous act come Saturday morning.  You watch me. Never roasted […]

our weekend :: a little late

our internet connection went out today.  i know…excuses, excuses!  since i could not for the life of me picture taking the three schooners to starbucks with me so as to get up the weekly weekend post…it’s coming at you a little late today.  forgive me please. /1./ music.  we met up with church friends for […]

Coffee Chat

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon… No.1 confession.  i have been getting too little sleep this week and relying on diet coke to get me through.  withdrawal is hitting today as i tell my body, “no more!”  that stuff is pure evil with a capitol E.  69-cent signs luring me from quick trip convenience stores […]