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June 23, 2012

Random thoughts on a Saturday afternoon…


confession.  i have been getting too little sleep this week and relying on diet coke to get me through.  withdrawal is hitting today as i tell my body, “no more!”  that stuff is pure evil with a capitol E.  69-cent signs luring me from quick trip convenience stores do not help while i’m on the go.


just wanted to make sure you all knew we did not buy a house here…yet.  the one we’re in now is a temporary house that’s gorgeous, but on the market.  i feel like that old hymn, “this ain’t my home, i’m just passin through…”

you can bet it has not stopped me from nesting and making it beautiful {to me} while we’re here. i am sharing the rooms i get complete as i go.  i have some simple DIY projects i’m working on and hope to share here as i get things checked off my list.  i thank God for this little blog and the space i have to share my love for design.


i’m now following thomas murphy on pinterest.  you really should too.  it’s like i’ve been introduced to a whole new world of original designs i never knew existed, but always wanted them to…and now i can’t get enough.  {i realize i just exposed the complete design nerd in me.  but if you’re here, you probably already know that.}  these industrial, black & white, minimalistic designs he pins have me itching to buy a warehouse or a loft apartment or a farm house on the cheap that needs to be fixed up.

steven finds that scary.


speaking of fixer uppers, the one we flipped is back on the market in the upstate of SC after being under contract for a month.  we’re sad, but content.  God has the perfect people out there for that house.  view the listing HERE if you think you might be those people.


while walking through home depot, i spotted these pendant lights.  i stopped dead in my tracks.  “they’re getting it,” i thought to myself.  home depot is finally getting it.  then i kept walking because i didn’t have a house to buy them for, or people i could give them to for a house warming present.  that might be a weird house warming present anyway.  i would love something like that you know.


i love a good yard sale.  as i was driving back and forth through our new neighborhood on moving day i kept seeing signs for one and so i stopped.  i was so glad i did.  this banana republic bag in perfect condition was just laying there calling my name.  price tag was for $10, but they offered to give it to me for $5.

sold.  that made my day. 🙂




i’ve been thinking a lot about grace, specifically God’s grace, the past few weeks.  how i need it.  i flipped to this portion of the book i’m reading {quoted below} and it hit home for me and all my jumbled thoughts on grace lately.

how to give it.  how to receive it.  how to grasp God’s kind of grace.

this portion from the book by Tim Keller condensed the concept for me and helped me re-understand…

“Without an experience of God’s grace, people who feel they have succeeded in life feel confident but are not humble before others who are wrongdoers. People who feel they have largely failed in life are humble but not confident and joyful.  

But the gospel transforms us so our self-understanding is no longer based on our performance in life.  We are so evil and sinful and flawed that Jesus had to die for us.  We were so lost that nothing less than the death of the divine Son of God could save us.  But we are so loved and valued that he was willing to die for us.  The Lord of the universe loved us enough to do that!  So the gospel humbles us into the dust at the very same time exalts us to the heavens.  We are sinners but completely loved and accepted in Christ at the same time.  How do you get the power of grace?  You can’t create this power; you can only reflect it to others if you have received it.  If you see Jesus dying on the cross for others, forgiving the people who killed him, that can be a crushing example of forgiving love that you will never be able to live up to.  But if instead you see Jesus dying on the cross for you, forgiving you, putting away your sin, that changes everything.  He saw your heart to the bottom but loved you to the skies.”

isn’t that beautiful? “He saw your heart to the bottom but loved you to the skies.”  

thanks for the chat.  keller’s awake and wanting to play with light bulbs.  and the girls are ready to go swimming.

see you monday!


  • Reply Jill June 23, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    Lowes and Home Depot are doing SO much better with their lighting. I am still waiting for someone to come up with a good wall mounted light – preferably in a metal finish. I can hold out! I know I can.
    I cannot wait to see more pictures of your new/temporary house!

    • Reply Mary Beth June 26, 2012 at 9:08 pm

      Girl! I feel your pain! I used to go in there weekly when we were remodeling our upstairs bathroom. I wanted 2 wall sconces…that’s all! We finally “settled” on something because there just wasn’t a whole lot of options for how inexpensive we were going. I will keep my eyes peeled for you. 🙂

  • Reply Barbara H. June 25, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    I’ve not yet read anything by Tim Keller (it just occurred to me — was your Keller’s name influenced by his?) but I’ve seen some excellent quotes like this one by him. I should put one of his books on my TBR list.

    • Reply Mary Beth June 26, 2012 at 9:06 pm

      Tim Keller is AWESOME. I’m finishing up “Prodigal God” and that one has transformed my life and my thinking on the Christian walk. Steven and I are also going through “The Meaning Of Marriage” right now via Skype with another couple. He has a New York Times bestseller: “The Reason For God” that I’ve heard is really good too. Keller’s name was definitely influenced by him! He was also named after family friends I’ve known since I was little and we thought Keller sounded untraditional, but had a strong feel to it.

      Definitely read a Tim Keller book if you get the chance!

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    […] Hardware.  They are my biggest source of inspiration.  Well, it could be a tie between them and Thomas Murphy.  I first discovered them by accident in Charlotte and it’s been nothing but love since then. […]

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