Utica Square :: A Behind the Scenes

Last week, I shared my first, official photo shoot.  You can view it HERE.  I received lots of questions about the location we chose {which just so happened to be last minute}.  So, as promised, I thought I would give you a behind-the-scenes-tour of my little slice of heaven here…

Our first stop is The Stonehorse Cafe`.  It has a small restaurant feel with the option of outdoor dining {I’m a sucker for that}.  They also have a market out back that I’ve always wanted to tour and review.  I believe this cafe` was our first “real date” in Tulsa shortly after we moved here and Keller was a bebe`.

Speaking of Keller, I was on a date with him when I took these photos, so he and his stick are going to sneak in occasionally.

Saks Fifth Avenue is across the street.  I have yet to brave that store with the schooners in tow.  It looks so pretty though…I will have to do a walk-through soon.

And if you’ve been around here long, you’ve definitely heard me mention Anthro.  That coral wall was the scene of those balloon shots that Jeff was so clever to suggest.

I could live in the Pottery Barn store.

This white brick is the perfect backdrop for photos.

And I know this is a stretch, but the shutters on American Eagle remind me of Charleston, SC.  Oh, how I miss you Charleston!

There are these little statues all around the square and it’s just like a walk around our downtowns back in the south.  Keller was cracking me UP.  He was convinced they were real.

We bought Keller his first blanket here, a few weeks after we moved to Oklahoma and one week before he was born.  You can read his story HERE.  That blue knit blanket is still one of his favorites and it holds a lot of sentimental value for me.

I think Chico’s has the coolest back drop.  I can see a photo shoot here so clearly in my head.

Outside of Starbucks is the sweetest little park with herringbone brick, a fountain, outdoor lamps, and the neatest restaurant {the Wild Fork} across the way.

I got these shots there…

And across the street from the park is Restoration Hardware.  They are my biggest source of inspiration.  Well, it could be a tie between them and Thomas Murphy.  I first discovered them by accident in Charlotte and it’s been nothing but love since then.  If you’re not local, you need to look one up in your area and go immediately.  Pricey, pricey, but eye candy unlimited.

Thanks for joining us!  If you ever come visit, we’ll make a stop at starbucks, walk around town with drinks in our hands, and I’ll show you around.  Can’t wait!

{And no.  I didn’t mean for that to rhyme.}