Balsamic Chicken & Bell Pepper Sandwiches

I don’t know what neck of the woods you’re in, but it’s raining here y’all!  Which means it’s the perfect time to introduce this sandwich to you… I made them for our company two weekends ago, they had been driving all night, and I thought a warm, filling lunch was what I would want if […]

Rainy Days…

Maybe it was because I grew up near the coast.   Maybe it was all the classics I read, set in rainy England and Wales.  Maybe it’s because I’m a melancholy at heart.  Or maybe I just love rainy days… It’s true.  It could rain %80 of the time and I would be perfectly content. […]

our weekend.

1./ two.  as much as i miss my emma claire during school hours, i will say, running errands is much easier with just two.  and it’s forcing those two grumpies to get along.   it’s going to be a loooong school year, but we’ll get it, won’t we keller and shiloh? 2./ date.  i went […]