our weekend.

August 27, 2012

1./ two.  as much as i miss my emma claire during school hours, i will say, running errands is much easier with just two.  and it’s forcing those two grumpies to get along.   it’s going to be a loooong school year, but we’ll get it, won’t we keller and shiloh?

2./ date.  i went out with that man…and it was nice.  we picked up chick-fil-a and went to the movies.  just like old times…we should do that more.  thank you, leanne and ryan, for keeping the schooners!

3./ running club.  we’ve started our very own redeemer running club.  wanna join? email leanne.  did y’all say a prayer for my hip?  it hasn’t bothered me hardly at all since last weekend recap, so maybe i’m finally healing after 3 solid years of being pregnant.  if you’re my silent prayer warrior, thank you!

4./ jbf.  have you heard? it’s the next best thing to yard saling out here. HUGE consignment sale with lots and lots of kid stuff.  i went on half price day this season and feel like i got a much better run for my money than my usual pre-sale visit.  i got tons of gap, janie and jack, old navy, gymboree, mini boden, and even a zara sweater for emma claire for an average of $2 a piece.  we are pretty much set for the fall and winter…if it ever gets here.

5./ model.  the girls loved that winter hat i picked up for them at the sale.  so much so that through fighting over it they ripped one of the pom poms off…all within a few hours of having bought it.  i have found new meaning through the verse, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal…”  it’s a good thing i can thread a needle. 🙂

6./ upholstery.  speaking of threading needles, i’ve broken out the sewing machine and i’m giving reupholstery a go again.  every time i try it, it gets a little easier and i get a little faster.  this is good news.  perhaps by the time i’m 82 i can reupholster a chair in a week, instead of a year.

7./ photography shoot.  i’ve been so grateful for some freelance work that has allowed me to pursue one of my many passions, on my own time, and with flexible hours.  i’m super excited about these projects…and can’t wait to see where this all heads!

8./ good daddy.  i am greeted after a shoot with some happy schooners and their daddy-o.  can i brag about the secret weapon behind “annapolis & company”.  steven has not only encouraged me to pursue some dreams here lately, but has been a real sport about pitching in with the kids when i need to “go work”.  he bravely took all three of those kids into starbucks and got sick emma claire some chamomile tea and honey.  even i do not brave starbucks by myself with all three.  nice work, babe!  you’re my hero.

9./ skype.  i can’t think of a better way to end the weekend than a late night chat with these buds of ours.  kinsley is getting SO big and is cuter than ever.  landon is too.  and troy and jenny are still the best crack-ups in this world.  ah…we miss you guys!

how was your weekend?  seriously.  i wanna know.  do you like to pack yours full or take it easy?  are you a sleep in on saturday kind of person, or a wake up early and go sip some coffee while the sun rises kind of person?


  • Reply Barbara H. August 27, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Normally I like weekends to be pretty peaceful — sleeping in, getting things done but in an unpressured way. But this last weekend we had company both Friday and Sat. nights (two events out of one house-cleaning. Hurrah! 🙂 ) Our church has a program they call “dinner for 6.” People who want to participate sign up, then the coordinator groups them in sixes, usually three couples in a group, and over the next three months they take turns having dinner at the other couples’ houses, rotating the place each month, dividing up the meal responsibility each time. Our group was at our house Friday night, and Jason and Mittu asked if they could have theirs here Sat. night because they ended up with 8 people, one of whom was in a wheelchair, which their apartment couldn’t accommodate. Looking ahead to the weekend felt pressured, but everything went well, and it was pretty fun.

    The photography shoot sounds neat! I have never braved upholstery.

  • Reply Mary Beth August 29, 2012 at 9:28 am

    I remember my parents used to try to have people over after we had deep cleaned the house for some major event! Ha…good memories! We have a similar rotating houses routine at our church plant. We have dinners for 3 though, since it’s such a small church. I think it’s a great idea and makes people intentional about hospitality. A losing art in our social media culture. 🙁 I love that you and Jason and Mittu live so close that you can share houses like that…so nice!

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