Rainy Days…

Maybe it was because I grew up near the coast.   Maybe it was all the classics I read, set in rainy England and Wales.  Maybe it’s because I’m a melancholy at heart.  Or maybe I just love rainy days…

It’s true.  It could rain %80 of the time and I would be perfectly content.  Elated, actually.

And I live in Oklahoma.  Funny how life works.  We’ve had burn bans, devastating fires and lots and lots of prayers for rain this summer.

And then God sent some.

I’ve thought a lot about that.  How God controls the weather and could change it with His fingertips.  How even a whisper from Him could change our weather patterns.  How much we are not in control and He is.

I’ve thought about how God could control the world and give it the same boring weather every day of the year.  How He could’ve left seasons out of it.  How He could’ve kept all the states, all the countries, and even the continents, exactly the same….

But He didn’t.

He chose to make it all different.  Beautiful.  In its’ own way.

And I thought about how people are like that too.  How He could’ve made us all the same.

But He didn’t.  He made stormy ones and peaceful ones.  He made bright tones and muted tones.  He made sun risers and sun setters.  Colorful ones and black-and-white ones.  Whirlwinds and slow winds.

And how sometimes we miss it.  The beauty in that.  We get caught up in ourselves.  Everybody should be like us.  Think like us.  Like the same things as us.  Work like us.  Appreciate the same stuff as us.  Look like us.  Dress like us.  Be us. 

At least, that’s what I catch myself doing.

And I wonder how different things would be if I could see people.  Really see them.  I wouldn’t see how I could change them to be like me and I wouldn’t try to make a sunny day a rainy one.  Just for me.

I wouldn’t try to change myself to be just like other people.  I wouldn’t try to mold myself into something that I’m not.  To be liked.  To fit in.  To make a good impression.

I would see the differences, the colors, the storm patterns…and appreciate them.  I would see a beautiful day that the Lord hath made.  And I would be glad.  Just because He made it.

And maybe every day would be like a rainy one for me, whether there was water or not.  :)

“This is the day that the Lord hath made.  I will rejoice for He has made me glad.” 

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