I’m 4 Teeth Lighter…

Well, I’m 4 teeth lighter these days.  Wednesday was the day of my wisdom teeth extraction, which has been the biggest cause for my absence the past couple of days.  Sorry about that.  I always have these well-meaning intentions, like blogging during surgery, that somehow never come to fruition.   I wonder why. :)

They had to move my surgery to a different day last minute, {something to do with all of my teeth sitting really close to nerves} which totally threw my plans for a loop.  Thank the Lord for really kind friends who pitched in to help, since Steven had a conference the day the surgery got moved to.

Meet Sarah…

My nurse for the day and designated driver…and personal photographer.  She was the best.  Seriously.  You always wonder if someone will still want to be friends with you once they’ve seen you at your worst.  And I’m relieved to report, she is still standing!

Leanne watched all of my kids for me {overnight!} and gave me a welcome break from the schooners and their antics…pre-surgery and post-surgery.   Thank you so much for all of your help, Leanne!

I’m assuming surgery was a success since my mouth is on fire and I can feel stitches in there.  I can’t talk hardly at all and I’m still partially numb {maybe that’s a good thing?!}.  I’m on day three and I can’t fathom eating anything I can’t just swallow quickly.  I’ve never slept so much in my life.  Seriously.  I’m not a huge fan of sleeping, but this.  This has kinda wiped me out.  Here’s some scenes around our house lately…

1./ jamba juice.  that’s all i can say is a good thing about getting this surgery done.  best excuse ever to splurge on some smoothies.

2./ house.  we’re going to be moving again here soon and just reminiscing about leaving this rental house we’ve come to love so much.

3./ notes.  i have not been able to talk, and the funny thing is, we’ve had some big decisions needing to be made in the past couple days since the surgery.  steven and i text and i write notes down on paper.  single most non-effective form of communication.  but in a pinch, it works!

4./ desk these days. usually i’m working on the computer: blog posts, photo editing, researching, etc.  but these days i’ve got pinterest, downtown abbey, and a note to my hubs going on at my desk.  it’s a welcome break.

5./ magazines.  i’ve had the dearest friends drop thoughtful things like soup, lip balm, magazines, and treats for the kids off at the house.  thank you, everyone for your offers of help!  we love you all!

6./ medicine.  my body is like clockwork.  i cannot go past a 4 hr stretch yet without pain medication.  i hate that.  but it hurts real bad y’all.

7./ my den.  since we’re moving, we moved the couch to our second living area, so i could rest on that couch, be near steven, and watch movies together on netflix.  it’s been really nice i tell you.

8./ natural.  trying to go the healthy route with this surgery and drink my nutrients.  emily brought me this berry smoothie and i’ve been sipping on it all morning.  that’s my breakfast!

9./ snuggles.  i had serious withdrawal when he spent the night at leanne’s.  keller is my bud.  my little shadow.  he’s gotten a little too rough on more than one occasion and unintentionally hit me right where my empty gums are.   that doesn’t feel pretty.  let me tell you.  but he’s just so darn cute. okay, maybe a little ornery.

i just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have offered to help our little family out this week.  you are all so appreciated and we love each and everyone of you!

be back later on today with another post, once my medicine kicks back in. :)