our weekend.

1./ day off. steven had the day off on friday.  we went to the square for breakfast and coffee, 2 schooners in tow and a stuffed puppy.  it was the first really cold day i can remember in a while.  enough to put on winter jackets and hats.  {ah…heaven!}  i make a motion we have 3-day […]

Avocado Mac & Cheese

This is Avocado Mac & Cheese.  Think limes and cilantro and pepper jack cheese.  I’ve been on the hunt for easy vegetarian recipes for me and the kids and I knew Kelly would not disappoint.  If you’re into nutritional eating, or avocados, you need to try this one with your kids!  And if you’re not a […]

our weekend.

  1./artist. do you ever hope your kids will appreciate the same things as you, but you don’t want to force it on them?  i do.  although i am relieved to see that my girls enjoy artistic kind of things, i have to admit i’m pretty sure i stuffed crayons in their chubby hands when they […]