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December 2012

  • our weekend.

    1./ zoë.  we were so excited to meet the johnson’s first cousin…baby zoë.  what a joy to a have a little baby in the house again, even if for only 4 days.  we loved…

    December 31, 2012
  • seafaring sailors

    I got my DSLR camera a little less than 2 years ago as a birthday, christmas, new baby, and valentine’s day gift all rolled into one.  I smile just thinking about it.  It was…

    December 27, 2012
  • anthropologie gift guide.

    I went out on a limb this Christmas and this mum-of-3-kiddos went and got a holiday job at Anthropologie.   I was so nervous.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve worked in public like…

    December 22, 2012
  • artists incognito :: elizabeth

                                    This is Elizabeth.  She is my dear friend, a kindred spirit {to use an Anne Shirley term :)}.…

    December 21, 2012