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our weekend.


1./ zoë.  we were so excited to meet the johnson’s first cousin…baby zoë.  what a joy to a have a little baby in the house again, even if for only 4 days.  we loved every minute of it, auntie kim and farmer ben!  thanks for making the trek down to see us.

2./ center of the universe. we were at a loss as to where to take our guests in tulsa when it’s cold outside and you have 4 babies tagging along.  i’ve never seen the highlight of downtown, so we bundled the kids up and crossed “the center of the universe” off our bucket list for tulsa.

3./ jo momma’s pizza. after the wow factor listed above, we headed towards the more popular part of downtown: the blue dome district.  steven knows all the best places to eat due to his job, and this hole-in-the-wall pizza place is ah-mazing.  take it from me, get the greek pizza and jo-mamma’s bread.

4./ snow. emma claire and i have been faithfully mentioning snow in our lunchtime prayers.  we were disappointed that the white christmas we were hoping for, never happened.  we did manage to get a solid 30 minutes or so of steady snowfall a few days later, so we temporarily bundled up and hooted and hollered in the backyard.  i’m sure the neighbors love us. :)

5./ work. anthropologie has been crayzee lately.  mega, mega sale going on, which means mega hours for me.  i’m glad i refrained from buying anything other than gifts until now, because i picked up some fun summer clothes for $6.96 a piece this past week.  good things come to those who wait…is that even how that saying goes?

6./ delayed christmas. kim and ben came laden with gifts and the kids latched onto them like summer ticks in the delaware woods.  they love their new wooden musical set and all the fun gifts from gramma tamma in michigan. the lip gloss can get out of control!

7./ playtime. auntie kim and uncle ben played and played with the schooners.  it’s so fun to have this kid thing in common with them now.  zoë would take all the craziness in and seemed enthralled with her cousins and all of their tricks.  i covered her ears when keller made hissing iquana sounds and plugged her nose when i burned the sweet potatoes. i think she liked us anyway.

8./ kitchen time. i had been looking forward to having family come and the excuse to break out some new recipes.  i spent a lot of time in our tiny kitchen making vegetarian dishes for the fam {thank you everyone for helping with the dishes!}.  i don’t think steven even missed the meat!

9./ storytime. i bought the girls the jesus storybook bible for christmas.  i had heard it was all the rage so i decided we would give it a whirl.  people, it is beautifully written.  i’m hooked.  and that black thing hanging behind steven? my newest map project inspired by restoration hardware.

my announcement for today is that a new website for annapolis and company is being launched tomorrow {eek!!!} for 2013.  just fyi, the website may be down and out tonight as we make the transition.  but you’re going to be partying anyways, no?

i feel like i’ve been MIA lately {for good reasons} and i have no clue how you all are doing.  how were your christmases?  what are you doing to ring in the new year tonight???  tell me. i need ideas.

seafaring sailors

title for sailors

I got my DSLR camera a little less than 2 years ago as a birthday, christmas, new baby, and valentine’s day gift all rolled into one.  I smile just thinking about it.  It was my first “real” camera, but me and lenses go way back.  I have vivid memories as a 9-yr-old with my mom’s camera and a number of film shots I was allowed to take. This was before digital.  Before photoshop editing.  Back when photography was expensive.  And yet my mom still trusted me.  That’s huge for a kid.

I got used to seeing life through a lens; lining things up in a viewfinder; seeing the moments worth clicking; switching perspectives.  And no matter your technical expertise, or the price tag on your camera, I’ve learned that being able to view life that way?  Is really all you need.

This year has brought a lot of freelance photography projects my way.  I truly see every one as a gift from the Lord.  A chance to create.  A chance to help my husband with our finances.  A chance to give back creatively.  A chance to stretch myself.  A chance to see the world differently.

And yet.  With all the flattery of working with business owners and families who believe in you and your work, I still feel most at home when it’s just me and my kids…and my camera.  Stilling life with them.  Capturing our memories.  Seeing beauty through their eyes.   I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I know every one says this about their own kids, but really.  I think they are the most beautiful creatures.  Hyper and crazy and pull-your-hair-out-kind-of-kids.  But beautiful.  They have faces and expressions that tell a thousand words.  And those are the moments worth capturing.  The moments I like to capture.  Real life.  Through a lens.  I hope you enjoy….









Girls-IITwo_Verticals-VII All-three Two_VerticalsII

I don’t watermark my photos with the company name or logo.  Maybe I don’t want to bother with it.  Maybe I still want to believe in the kindness of people.  Maybe I just like the pure rawness of photographs.

Whatever my reasons yet undiscovered, please be kind and do not steal. :)