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January 21, 2013

Final Edit

1./ schoolwork.  we’re not big ritualists or anything.  we’re 4 and 3 m’kay? reading, writing, and arithmetic.  a splash of geography and impressionistic painting thrown in like once every 2 weeks.  i’m thinking about opening my own school…whadya think? 😉 kidding.  totally kidding.  i am looking for a french tutor. for me.  so i can teach my kids french.  any takers?

2./ butternut squash.  i heart you.  i made these enchiladas with my leftovers from last week’s soup and the kids and i gobbled them up.  trust me.  butternut squash +  purple onions? the bombdiggity.

3./ field trip.  we just had our big field trip of the semester at our little school. 🙂  the aquarium.  it’s our favorite place.  we asked for a membership for christmas and my parents gave us the dreams of our hearts.  we plan on going like often.  maybe every week.   does anyone else even do that or could that be considered obsessive compulsive?

4./ pancakes.  the best in de world!  i have learned my lesson, and whenever i get a chance to go to TJ’s, i stock up on their pancake mix.  it’s the only healthy pancakes steven enjoys, so by golly we can handle a mix over here.  i like making them on the weekends.  and keller must have read my blog post about E.C. in the kitchen because he props his little ikea stool UP and hands me eggs and pours in the flour and  milk.  steven doesn’t believe me, but he does.  and it’s the cutest thing.

5./ warm days.  we’ve had nice weather lately and i decided it was high time for a picnic.  am i packing us a sweet little picnic lunch? heck, no.  it’s a sunday and i’m off duty in the kitchen on sundays.  mc donalds it is.  and we were the world’s most popular parents. 🙂

6./ fries.  see what i mean? really popular with the kids that night. 🙂  i’m sure my kids are getting mixed signals and they’ll be in counseling later on down the road…what mum? no syrup on our pancakes because it’s sugary?  but fries?  load up.  i’m confused.

7./ church plant.  i love our church plant.  the people.  the music.  the preaching.  the snacks shannon so lovingly puts together.  it’s like a big family.  and families are nice.

8./ puzzles.  the girls are really into puzzles and i try to sneak one in with them every day.  if i don’t do it with them, keller comes up and literally trashes their work.  i can’t decide if it’s vindictive or just a boys natural tendency to destroy things.  i’ve got a whole lot of proof of the latter around this house.  but it was something in his eyes when he came over and picked up those perfectly fitted pieces and scattered them over the room…maybe the former.

9./ quiet.  i crave my quiet.  a good book. anthro candle burning.  husband working next to me.  music playing.  kids asleep. it’s like as close to heaven on earth in my book.  unless we were in hawaii right now.  that’s closer to heaven i think.

so….what about you?  what were you all up to this weekend??? i hope you took out your camera and snapped a photo or too so we can share in your fun.

and i’m glad we brought that up, because it’s time to PARTY!

here’s the skinny:

:: link up to anything weekend related.  a photo. a diagrammed map of the places you went.  a recap. a photo grid…the weekend sky is the limit!

:: don’t forget to link to your actual blog post, not just your main page. for example. http://annapolisandcompany.com/2013/01/its-the-weekend-are-you-ready-to-partay/

:: grab a weekend button below {see the code box!}, or just link back to annapolis & company so others know they can join in the fun.

:: try to visit at least one other person’s weekend and spread some comment lovin’.

can’t wait to relive your weekends with you…


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    Love your photos!! So pretty!!

    Here’s my link – (but you have already visited this one thank you!)

    I’ll give you a little spruke on my post in case anyone’s looking for a weekly link up! (I can only manage it monthly at the moment!)

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend! X

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