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I guess I spoke too soon. We had a cold front come through and it was sweaters and boots all over again. Our weather is…unpredictable.

There was a tornado that swept through Oklahoma about 20 minutes from us last week. Before we moved here, everyone was like, “But what about the tornadoes!” And we honestly have wondered where they are. A few warnings, but nothing extremely close to home.

But last week? Steven woke me up around midnight and had me and the kids squeeze into our little linen closet in the center of the house. The sirens were going off for what felt like forever, and I was legitimately scared. The kids were troopers and slept right through it….I huddled them close for about an hour in that tiny space while we waited. Keller was on top of me and the girls were smooshed in on either side. The storm missed us and we finally crawled back into bed somewhere between 1am and 2am. I let Keller sleep in bed with us…partly because I was exhausted and partly because I was so shaken up.

Ever since the Boston bombing, I think I’ve been on edge. I’ve been watching the news more {we don’t have tv, so mostly what I find on the internet}, trying to bring myself out of the mothering daze I’ve been in for the past 5 yrs. The safe haven of bottles and diapers, avocados and pancakes. And slowly I am coming out of my shell, waking up to current events. And sometimes…well…sometimes I wish I could go back.

Back to my shell.

Back to safe.

Back to cozy sweaters.

Back to uninformed.

I know, in the end, that that is no way to deal with things…and so I’m tentatively immersing myself back into what is now our culture. Hello, technology. Hello, overalls coming back in. Hello, tumultuous times. I will catch up to your speed!


But in my heart of hearts, I’ll be living in Avonlea. :) I’ll be reading books and wearing my moccasins. I’ll cozy up in sweaters…and drink my coffee or chai tea. I’ll do my best to bring the warm back to a chilly day. And the cozy to a hot summer.

Because the world is what we make of it.

Or so I believe.


//Sweater: Anthropologie //Knit Dress: Anthropologie //Knit Tights: Anthropologie //Boots: Target

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