Beach Essentials For the Boys…

May 16, 2013

We’re leaving for the coast, two weeks from today. I could not be more ecstatic. The kids are going bonkers and tell me {daily} all about sea life and what they’re going to catch. I’m going bonkers because I want real sea food, and sand between my toes, and salty air, and lazy reading days. Steven’s going bonkers because he wants a break from work. We’re all basically counting down every minute. Every hour. Every sleep.

I’ve had my eye on a few things that spell nautical, so we can sail seamlessly into coastal culture. I’ve saved some of my pennies from working at Anthropologie and I’ve put together my wish list. You can view the girls’ picks from yesterday here. {Thank you for all your help in picking out which three things to buy for myself. I already got started on a little shopping trip with the girls this morning!}

So here’s to the boys in the family….


No. 01 | Linen pants. You may think I’m crazy, but I am actually attempting to make some of the schooner’s summer clothes. I made a simple pair of linen pants for Emma Claire out of a pajama pattern. {You can view them here.} And I love them.

Because I made them. Because they’re simple. Because I want to get into textiles. So bad. I’ve got a handful of fabrics on hand that I am hoping to turn into pants and shorts for Keller. He has such a short, stocky build it’s hard to find anything that fits and looks good. Wish me luck!!!

No. 02 | Hedgehog Sailor ShirtWe’ve “met” through pinterest. She pins my things. I pin hers. I feel like we’re friends. I love her simple shop based out of the UK, full of stripes and solid colors.

No. 03 | Zara Swim TrunksDon’t laugh, but I just ordered these for Keller!!! Steven and I were sitting here just dying {from sheer laughter} at the vintage cut. I waited for a long time to buy them, but knew, just knew, they would suit our stocky boy so well. They are currently out of his size, so I had to order up. Crossing my fingers his rolls will make up the difference!!!!

No. 04 | J. Crew EspadrillesTechnically on their girl list, but I think they would work swimmingly for boys. I feel like the beach just calls for espadrilles and sailboats, you know. I’ve never owned a pair, but I want to be apart of the club. They’re very schoonery, no?

No. 05 | Strappy Beach HatI feel like a hat that has straps is essential for our fair headed boy. The wind on the coast never allows those cute hats to stay on unless you have a strap. I had to google and google to find one above 24 months.

No. 06 | Mabo Gauzy Beach PantsI stumbled across Mabo on Pinterest. And I’m a huge, huge fan. Their fair colors and classic styles fit me to a capital T. These pants are described as “gauzy”. Can we say perfect for an evening on the ocean?!

No. 07 | Mabo Gingham Drawstring ShortsAnother Mabo wonder. I am going to attempt to make my own version of these for both the girls and the boys in the family. I already have some gingham and some seersucker I’m planning on using. I really don’t know the slightest thing about patterns, so this ought to be interesting. I work better free handing things I think. I think….


You must know, one of the things I first noticed about Steven was that he dressed well. I like a man who pays attention to style, without being overly self absorbed.  Rare combination, and I found one. 😉 One of my favorite things is to pick something for Steven that is a little out of his comfort zone and ask him to wear it on a date night. He is funny in that he will wear certain things to certain parts of town. Artsy things to our artsy streets. Conservative things to unknown events. He cracks me up.

No. 01 | Zara Straw Hat. I think hats are sexy. I wish they were more socially acceptable in the US. We carry these huge, wide-brimmed hats in Anthropologie and I want to dare myself to wear it to the grocery store or something. But I’m not one of those people who likes stares, and I think my point would totally be lost with the kids dragging it down in front of my face and trying to store kale leaves on top.

No. 02 | Gap Striped Swim Trunks. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a good-looking swim suit for men. Classic. Clean cut. I go for stripes. Every time.

No. 03 | Scotch & Soda Sailor Sweater. This company. Oh I love them. Every single thing oozes my style. Like they knew it in my head and made it a reality, or something like that. This heavy shirt would be a perfect layering piece for cool evenings on the beach.

No. 04 | Birckenstock Leather Sandals. Steven has a pair and they literally last forever and look good with everything. He wears them with shorts. With jeans. With khakis. With socks. The sock thing drives me wild. He knows that and only pulls it out every so often.

No. 05 |Canvas Tote. I good canvas tote is what actually holds up on the beach and at the pool. They seem hard to find, but I came across this one on etsy and LOVE it. It’s manly, so he won’t feel embarrassed carrying your coral tote across the beach.

No. 06 | French Book. Steven is totally into french these days. He’s teaching the kids {and me!} and we’re working on the bilingual thing. He has a channel on youtube for the kids and now they’re watching mainly shows in french. Steven’s always looking things up and teaching us new phrases {I am a slow learner…it’s embarrassing, but I ask Emma Claire for the translation.} and gosh I love that man for it. I would really like to surprise him with a book to read over during our quiet moments on vacation. What do you think?!


So that’s it for the boys. I am totally posting a picture of Keller in his new skivvies on instagram when we get them in the mail. And I’ll be posting our entire trip on instagram as I take a break from the internet and leave you in the hands of some fabulous guest posters. So if you would like to keep up with our travels in the deep south and east coast, come follow me @annapolisandco!!!! We’re leaving 2 weeks from today!



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