This Man.

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To this man…

Thanks for being the kind of dad that isn’t above getting up in the middle of the night and changing dirty diapers, even if you’re sleep walking and can’t remember a thing.

Thanks for hiding the Reeses Puffs so we can keep the kids the healthy ones.

Thanks for being the dad that jumps in the pool and throws all the kids up really high. You’re a magnet.

Thanks for being the father who sits down and patiently explains how electricity works while I cop out and say, “that’s how God made it.”

Thanks for taking the girls to get chamomile tea at Starbucks when they’re sick and need a pick-me-up. You’re their hero.

Thanks for sitting through all those animated movies that I can’t stand, eating popcorn, and making the kids feel important.

Thanks for working three jobs when we first got married, so that I could stay home with the babies.

Thanks for working even harder to finish school and pursue career opportunities that have enabled us to experience many adventures.

Thanks for being the calm one when I’m losing it.


I always think you know all the amazing things you do, so I don’t tell you like I should. But here’s to one amazing dad on Father’s Day, the bittersweet day that it is for you with your own dad gone. Know that we’re one proud group of people for the man that you are and I have an inkling he’s smiling down at you from heaven with a silly t-shirt and a pair of boxers.

much love,

us schooners