Annapolis & Co.

Hi! I’m Mary Beth.  My parents were wannabe southerners who lived in Jersey, so they gave me a double name.   I spent my childhood years in Delaware, the beaches and cornfields becoming my backyard.  I met my husband after our move to the Carolinas.  2 weeks into dating, I knew I wanted to marry him.  We did just that and quickly began our family of little schooners…as we’ve dubbed them.

I am 25 years old to date.  I like rainy days.  Starbucks coffee.  Vegetarian food.  Abstract art.  Foreign countries.  Family time.  Sunday worship services.  The ocean.  And all things stripy and nautical.

On a normal afternoon, you would find me in my moccasins, skinny jeans and a comfortable tee, camera in hand.  I like looking for beauty in hidden places, celebrating the everyday, and watching for moments that perhaps the rest of the world misses.  Minimalism and simplicity is my quest.


About Annapolis & Company:

This blog began shortly after I had 3 kids in 3 years, lost a baby, flipped a house, followed my husband to the midwest, and began exploring photography with my first DSLR.  In the midst of changing diapers, I craved a space to spill the creativity all bottled up inside of me.   And so Annapolis & Company was born.  A & C has since become a licensed photography/marketing business and my creativity tank couldn’t be fuller.  I am, as they say, living my dreams.  Balancing my family and my work…and following Jesus as I go.  I’ve made mistakes along the way.  Learned some hard lessons.  Discovered my creative passions.  Met a lot of incredible people.  And felt the hand of God throughout it all.

This blog is our recorded story.

It’s an artsy story, because we’re creative people.  It’s a messy one, because we’re sinners in need of a Savior.  And it’s a full one, because we’re dreamers with a lot of dreams.  But it’s our story.

Penned by God, lived by us.

 I hope you’ll come along for the ride….