About Page Collage

Hello, I’m Mary Beth.

I started writing online 5 years ago when blogs were beginning to emerge out of every stay-at-home-mom’s DIY wreath project and the millennials were looking for jobs. Growing up the second oldest of 14 children and so sheltered I didn’t know how to send an email when I got to college, blogging was far outside my comfort zone but became a life-altering path for me. I was in my early twenties with 3 babies under 2, living in an apartment far away from all of the familiar in my life, and figuring out who I was as a woman. Taking pictures of blueberry muffins and writing about our life with honesty and humor became the thing I looked forward to every morning and the thing that kept me rooted to The greater story when mine seemed like it was a bramble of thorns.

During those formative years I wrote a lot about pain and joy and food and how the bittersweet tastes can create a beautiful story. I also wrote about blessings in disguise and the people we need to invite in and about contentment when we’re tired of sweeping over the same tiled floor. All of this led to little blurbs in magazines, a piece in a blogging film, and freelance work that allowed us to go on vacations. But mostly, I started learning that God loved me and had created me for a purpose. And, little by little, I began to see growth when I thought I hadn’t moved an inch.

I took a break from writing in 2014/2015 to heal and figure out what I wanted to do after our fourth baby arrived and we moved to the suburbs of Atlanta. I did everything I could to not come back to writing, but words have a power over me like vodka to an alcoholic and no matter how much I hated being raw and exposed for the vultures to pick apart, I would write. Little snippets here and there, testing the water to see how much I could withstand.

I suppose love stories happen in all forms and that’s what writing is for me. It sounds melodramatic, but I never sought out writing to be known for my words, it found me instead. I’ve both hated and loved the chance to use my voice and write my story. But my prayer is that through the keys on my keyboard, and through the words on the screen, and through the eyes on your face, and the brain in your head, Jesus will speak.

So this. This is my humble story.