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36 Weeks | Bump Update

How far along are you? 36 weeks and 0 days – and counting every single day down like my life depended on it. Total weight gain? I don’t even look anymore. I would rather sail blissfully ignorant throughout my day. Any stretch marks? Still got ‘em! I never thought about cosmetic surgery too seriously since I’m one of those […]

If More Christians Would Praise Him Like This…

I sat here watching this last Sunday with tears streaming down my face. At 2 minutes and 40 seconds I began bawling. Watch it and may your spirit be lifted this morning. My favorite day of the week is here…happy Sunday!!!! Phillipians 2:10-11 “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in […]

Work This Year…

  I had to cut out almost all of my freelance work this year to get our house ready to sell and then maintain it for showings this summer while Steven has been in Atlanta working. I viewed it as “my job” to get the house sold and that helped me cope with all the […]