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The Everyday Project | Health

The photo prompt for this week was one that is near and dear to my heart – health. I was studying nutrition when  my husband and I got engaged and he convinced me to follow him on this crazy ride called life. Since then, I’ve tried to blend my love of being a vegetarian with his meat-eating […]

The World Spins Madly On

Shiloh turned five and we had a party last weekend with just our family….”just” means over twenty people. We had planned to celebrate around my grandparent’s new neighborhood pool, but it rained all day and at the last minute I thought we were going to have everyone over at our house with bare walls and […]

Buy Less, Choose Well

As we gear up for our tenth move in seven years of marriage, I notice our trail of possessions growing smaller and smaller. The first time we did a big downsize I had heart palpitations as I watched my precious things getting hauled off to Goodwill in our mini van. My clothes. My Pottery Barn decor. My […]