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The Everyday Project | A New Photo Challenge!

I’ve finally spent a morning making a page tab for The Everyday Project. For those of you who’ve asked for a quick reference to all the tutorials, interviews, and social media discussions, it’s all there and neatly organized! I hope you’ll take a minute to click around…I couldn’t believe how much content a year of […]


Miscarriage was on my list of fears, right up there with a cheating spouse or living in Alaska. My mind simply could not grasp losing a tiny human for whom I was responsible to protect and guard in my womb. It seemed like the ultimate failure as a woman to me, for pregnancy is a time when your one job […]

Steady Days | Wardrobe Essentials

If you missed yesterday’s post on taking a few minutes to get dressed each morning, you should read it before reading this one. A wardrobe is just the cherry on top to a beautiful person created by God, and things like fashion are just “extra” in my humble opinion. I do believe how we dress is […]