Savvy reStyle Market

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

One of the first things I wanted to do when I knew we were going to be moving back to the Greenville, SC area for awhile was explore more of the locally owned businesses and antique shops. That was something we tried to be very intentional about in Tulsa and we built a wealth of memories from our weekend jaunts to coffee shops, farmer’s markets, antique stores, and art shows. 

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

There is something in me that wants my children to recognize and appreciate hard work and the ability to create with your own two hands. I love when they ask me how things are made (e.g. water, paper, ice, hurricanes) at breakfast in the morning. Then I begin to see the wheels turning and I find them trying to make hurricanes with two cups and some water in the kitchen. :) I hope that by exposing them to artists and handmade items, it continues to fuel their curiosity and the desire to put forth beauty in the world.

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

This past weekend, I took a break from working on the house, picked up an iced coffee for me, a cookie for the kids, and we visited the brand new Savvy reStyle Market in Greer, SC. I think we were all excited to get out of the house and do something purely for fun! The host for this monthly market is Heidi, a friend of my mom’s, and she has curated the most lovely group of vendors with handmade, up cycled, and vintage goods on the first Friday and Saturday of every month.

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

The girls favorite part was watching Rosemary, from McRose Designs, twist and craft her handmade jewelry with a pair of needle nose pliers. I see some bead kits for birthdays in our future!

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique MarketANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

The schooners are obsessed with birds and since we left our little birdhouse in Oklahoma, these colorful houses almost came home with us. We are knee deep in dirt and gardening right now, so these outdoor planters and birdhouses give me hope that things will grow and get pretty again around here. Spring, we’re so glad you’re here. And just to be sure, grass does eventually grow, right?!!!

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

The sweetest little antique finds in Malia’s Mark. I wanted to take home everything with me, including the vintage fan, wood brushes, and rulers. Remember my love of mixing old and new in our home?! I am trying so hard to finish up the painting so I can start adding in my antique finds and artwork.

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Boutique Market

If you are local, and looking for a place to shop handmade goods, The Savvy reStyle Market opens on the first Friday and Saturday of every month from 10am – 6pm. They are located at 325 S. Buncombe Rd. Greer, SC 29651. Also, since I love refinishing my own furniture, I really wanted to mention that in addition to the market, Heidi offers DIY classes, open studios, and a design center for inspiration. She is a retailer for the Amy Howard at home DIY product line (think no-prep paint, lacquer spray paint, and zincing metal products), and I was super impressed with the finished pieces she showed me.

Thanks for inviting us, Heidi, and for giving the schooners cookies for the road! We can’t wait to come back in May!


P.S. This post is in partnership with Savvy reStyle Market. Couldn’t be more excited to support them!

American Blogger | Movie Trailer!

American Blogger | Movie Trailer

This is one of those times you’re just so proud to be apart of blogging. Last year, Chris Wiegand asked our family to have a small part in his cross country travels to film a documentary about blogging in America. I re-read some of my posts from last year when it was all unfolding and felt embarrassed. I might have been waaaay too gushy. And nervous. And a whole lot of insecure.

You look at all of these women bloggers and hear their stories, see their journeys, watch them pursue great opportunities, and come through adversity, all because they share their story online. We like to peg them as “superhuman” and women who have more hours in their days than us. We like to say their kids are always dressed cute and their hair is always fixed perfectly. Their houses are all magazine worthy and their husbands are all hot. But this documentary shows a different dimension. The real and the raw and the behind-the-scenes. I plan on crying when I get to see the full thing.

Here’s the trailer for the movie below…some of my blogging friends are in these short clips and as I see their faces and hear their voices, I can’t help but imagine this is what a virtual blogging party would feel like. To “meet” the bloggers and see more photos from behind-the-scenes, visit the official American Blogger website HERE.

American Blogger Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.

The Everyday Project | Morning

The Everyday Project | Morning

The theme this past week for The Everyday Project was MORNING. I am an early bird  through and through, so I was really interested to flip through Instagram and see how you all spend your waking hours. I’m usually swallowing my vitamins and drinking a glass of water while I work in the office, which is so booooooring. When I want to spice it up, I drink orange juice in one of my kid’s sippy cups. Admit it, you’re dying to come hang out sometime.

I don’t know if you all are completely faking it, but your mornings looked so romantic that I wanted to come live with you and have you cook my breakfast and take me to cool coffee shops. I live vicariously through IG, can you tell? You all supplied such a wonderful variety of photos, but the theme that stood out to me was a warm light and lots of yellows. Simply beautiful! I can’t say enough how impressed I am by all the creativity – it makes me want to be a better phone photographer.

Without further ado, here are the features this week…

no.1/ @caseyleighwiegand | no.2/ @misskyamanda | no.3/ @amamacollective  | no.4/ @meghanzahari | no.5/ @sarah_inpursuit | no.6/ @ozarkmamadeer | no.7/ @mundofotografada | no.8/ @dibonjo  | no.9/ @whitneyxsarah

Next week’s photo prompt is TREASURE. Be sure to hashtag your photos #theeverydayproject for a chance to be featured! (Just a note about featuring, it helps if you say something in your description mentioning the prompt word, or hashtag the prompt. E.g. #treasure There are over 13,000 photos for the project at this point!!!)