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September 5, 2014


This photo challenge had a wanderlust feel to it, and considering I haven’t been able to do any serious traveling all year I was itching to ditch Dave Ramsey, ditch moving again, and ditch the third trimester to load up the van and drive somewhere with the kids. Preferably, the coast.

Being responsible, I didn’t do that.

There were some amazing places on my bucket list underneath of the hashtag #theeverydayproject. Denver, CO and Seattle, WA being two of them. (I hope my husband is reading this.) Thank you for bringing all of your amazing places and adventurous spirits into my living room. In a way, I feel like I got to travel the world this morning. I hope you feel the same as you flip through these photos and more on IG underneath of the hashtag. There’s so many beautiful places out there. And now….our lovely features…

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This week’s photo challenge is “GEOMETRY”. Hashtag your photos on Instagram #theeverydayproject to participate and for a chance to be featured!


Welcome, September.

September 2, 2014


I have been waiting for this month all year. September is the month baby Hugh comes, and the month our family will begin living under the same roof after 7 long months. September is when we will finally (lord willing!) say goodbye to the last of our financial debt and hello to freedom. September is the month we move for the second time this year and begin staking some southern roots in Georgia. This is, of course, resting on the plan being woven sovereignly by God, but I feel a period of rest coming soon. And that makes this month seem all the more beautiful.

At the start of the New Year I chose the word “resolve” to focus on in 2014. It’s funny how perfectly I needed that all year, and yet I didn’t quite know all that I was signing up for when I picked it. As my days rolled on in resolution, it began to look more and more like September was the culminating month for all that we’ve been working towards, waiting on, and hoping for. Words cannot express how glad I am to have made it this far. It is a mixture of relief and holding-our-breaths and we-did-its! all rolled into one. There are still so many little details that must fall into place with finding a new house and birthing a baby but somehow, I know it will all work out perfectly. That God didn’t lead us through this kind of year to leave us at this pivotal point.

It has been some of the warmest days of the summer in the past couple of weeks and my body is screaming for autumn to come. Yet I still want to squeeze in a few more pool days with the kids and finish the stack of popsicles left in the freezer before we officially call it quits. The turn of September in the south is good for this. It’s also good for buying a crock pot. And gathering all your favorite soup recipes. And making plans for the holidays. And driving to the ocean to tell her you won’t forget about her this winter.

September, welcome. I’m unbelievably happy you are here.

All images via my AUTUMN Pinterest board.

Motherhood & Education

36 Weeks | Bump Update

September 1, 2014




How far along are you? 36 weeks and 0 days – and counting every single day down like my life depended on it.

Total weight gain? I don’t even look anymore. I would rather sail blissfully ignorant throughout my day. 😉

Any stretch marks? Still got ’em! I never thought about cosmetic surgery too seriously since I’m one of those “natural” people (short for “Don’t touch my body!” when the nurse comes in with an IV.) and I stay up at night contemplating whether or not to get an epidural. But I think a boob job may be in order after this.

Favorite moment this week? When I had a nesting panic attack and took the kids to Target to buy baby essentials. We had downsized so much in our moves and were not sure we would have any more kids that I had given away our infant car seat and crib over the years. We had nothing for this baby! We spent an afternoon picking out fun baby toys, simple white onesies, bibs, a car seat, and a pack n’ play and then met daddy for lunch in Atlanta. The kids kept asking all sorts of questions and we talked about how Hugh was coming very soon and what he would like to do when he came out. It is one of those simple days full of perfect memories that I’ll forever cherish.

Are you having a lot of movement? He is still a ninja warrior. Keller dropped a piggy bank made of tin on our hardwood floor right next to my belly and it caused the loudest noise. Hugh jumped so hard in reaction I thought it was go-time to the hospital. It’s amazing to think that babies in utero can hear our voices and a little of what’s going on outside of their cocoon.

Food cravings? Um….apple pie? Watermelon. Nutty, whole-grainy bread with butter. Eggs with spinach and cheese.

Maternity clothes? I’ve only bought one shirt since last we spoke. Dave Ramsey, be proud. Then, Émoi  Émoi reached out to me and sent me the softest sweatshirt last week, along with a pair of chino style pants that make me feel like my old self in my old clothes before stretchy bands and slimming black this and slimming black that. They didn’t coerce me to say anything, but you guys. Had I known about them sooner, I would have ordered from them for this pregnancy a looooong time ago. The clothes fit perfectly (I was nervous about this since I try on ten pairs of pants to find one that fits right) and are unbelievably comfortable. I love these overalls and this blouse. 

What are you most looking forward to? Honestly? The hospital stay. I need a break. And to sleep on my stomach. And to smell that sweet baby smell and know that this summer was all worth it. I need cuddles. And quiet time alone with this little guy. And someone to just take care of me.

If hospitals gave hair cuts and highlighted your hair for you, I would be all over that.

High expectations? Maybe. 😉