The Everyday Project | Morning

The Everyday Project | Morning

The theme this past week for The Everyday Project was MORNING. I am an early bird  through and through, so I was really interested to flip through Instagram and see how you all spend your waking hours. I’m usually swallowing my vitamins and drinking a glass of water while I work in the office, which is so booooooring. When I want to spice it up, I drink orange juice in one of my kid’s sippy cups. Admit it, you’re dying to come hang out sometime.

I don’t know if you all are completely faking it, but your mornings looked so romantic that I wanted to come live with you and have you cook my breakfast and take me to cool coffee shops. I live vicariously through IG, can you tell? You all supplied such a wonderful variety of photos, but the theme that stood out to me was a warm light and lots of yellows. Simply beautiful! I can’t say enough how impressed I am by all the creativity – it makes me want to be a better phone photographer.

Without further ado, here are the features this week…

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Next week’s photo prompt is TREASURE. Be sure to hashtag your photos #theeverydayproject for a chance to be featured! (Just a note about featuring, it helps if you say something in your description mentioning the prompt word, or hashtag the prompt. E.g. #treasure There are over 13,000 photos for the project at this point!!!)

The Times They Are A-Changin’


Life has been moving so fast in our adult lives, but somehow we’ve managed to keep it leisurely and full oflittle pleasures for the kids… 


It’s been a bit like summer here (no haters, please! :) ) and the girls beg constantly to go outside and play in the water. I’ll be cutting up fruit in the kitchen or doing the dishes and pinch myself when I look out the french doors and see these babies laughing and cackling so carefree with the little pool my mom brought over for them to play in. They think rash guards suffice for bathing suit bottoms, so clearly we have our work cut out in the modesty department. I answered the door for a respectable home insurance agent last week who had come to take pictures and Keller appeared naked as a jaybird behind me. I was already trying to explain to her why our front yard was torn up and how I really do have things under control around here. Then she mentioned she was also my neighbor and I wanted to crawl in a hole. Clearly, we move in with a bang.

ANC_0410 ANC_0411

We continue to be in awe of the trees and all the color blooming around us. We are in the middle of majorly overhauling and seeding our front and side yard, and as most projects go, it’s taking longer than we thought to get completed. I’m not sure how much of a garden I’ll get this year, but I have managed to pick up a few plants at Aldi for cheeeeap (I love that place!) Some azaleas, a bell pepper plant, oregano, and a new baby tree. I decided after the pink azaleas went into pots that I needed to spruce up the entire deck. Funny how that happens. ;) I strung lights, laid an outdoor rug, began to set up our outdoor buffet table, and now I just need to find some funky chairs I can spray paint to go around the table we found at Ikea. I already feel happier that I can go out the back door, escape all the mud in the front, and see this pretty space. I hope to share more photos when I have it all done!


I’ve put Ems in charge of watering, since her memory is sharper than mine. I have to hold back and remind myself she is only five, but if she had it her way, she would be raising her brother and sister completely. I’m constantly telling her, “You’re not the mum. But thank you for trying to help.” 


I will say I count my lucky stars because she singlehandedly does breakfast on most mornings and literally plans out the night before what we’ll be having. If that isn’t a help, I don’t know what is! I’m already looking for elementary culinary schools.


I’m still attempting to get organized over here and feeling a little out of sorts. It’s that awkward phase of moving where you’re trying to find a new routine, but it’s going painfully slow for a natural nester. ;) God has taught me lessons in patience and perseverance through moving so much and that’s a hard road to go down for a perfectionist. Steven says I’m less of a prickly cactus just itching to be annoyed at something, and more of a strawberry with bumps worn down smooth after 9 moves. At least, that was what he said in my dream last night and I took it as a compliment.


Steven’s been so worried I’ll go crazy on the southern duds for Keller now that we’re back, but the boy honestly just wants to run around naked and it’s all I can do to get a pair of shorts on him. Gingham, at that. But they are shorts, babe. He feels like my cuddly little baby again with fresh white shirts and saltwater sandals and I wonder why I waited so long to dress him like a southern boy. Don’t laugh, but I want to start sewing some of the schooners’ clothes if I can ever get into a routine around here again.


Speaking of routine, it’s going to take us awhile to get there! We found out last week that my husband got a position we’ve been praying hard for in Atlanta, GA. It looks like we’ll be putting our SC house on the market after all. :) Our renovations should be complete this month and then the house will go on the market in May. (Translate: I have to keep the house really clean.) I’m excited to spend a few more months here close to my family and dear friends, but I’m also really really happy and proud of my husband. The plan is that we will move after the summer, or when the house sells, whichever comes first.

Oh Georgia, I’m looking forward to new adventures, living close to a big city, enrolling Ems in a hybrid school, Georgia peaches, living close to family, and being near the Florida beaches. I’ve got my sights set on Seaside or McBeach for our next family vacation.

Thanks for hanging in there with us through all our growing pains and my latest internet issues!!! See you tomorrow for The Everyday Project!

Doing It Differently

ANNAPOLIS & CO: Doing it Differently

For the past couple of years, we’ve lived in rental houses that were dark and painted in that standard beige that a contractor picks out when he doesn’t know what else to do. There’s nothing wrong with a little brown, but seeing it on everything gets a little old. Pair that with the cherry-stained furniture we bought in the first couple years of marriage and everything in our home starts to look monochromatic and blah. Being a very visual person, this has bothered me for quite some time but I’ve been holding out on buying any new furniture or painting some of our existing pieces, knowing that we would eventually leave renting in Oklahoma and move into a place that was our own. Never in a million years did I think we would be back in the home we bought as newly weds. The house that was before I read blogs and before there was Pinterest. You know, the dark ages.

When we first flipped this major junker, we were rushers. And we had to be. The bathrooms were barely functional, the kitchen was a sight for sore eyes, and we were moving walls and looking at the crawl space in the living room. Somehow we birthed our second baby in the middle of all that, so yes. Time was of the essence, and we weren’t the best…um…researchers…at that point. We were extremely frugal, but didn’t take the time to budget more than rough estimates. We wung a lot of projects and stuck to an unearthly amount of neutrals thinking we would sell the house…eventually.

Here we are. We never sold the house and I have 2,100 square feet of neutrals. :) I’ve learned a thing or two since then, and one of them is that you should make where you live for you. Not anybody else. You’re the one who wakes up and looks at the walls in your bedroom every day. You’re the woman who works from home and needs an inspirational office space during nap time. You’re the one who rocks your baby to sleep and nurses throughout the night in that rocking chair. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, it just means you should make your spaces personal. You want to stencil the walls with hot pink accents? Be my guest. You want to paint your cabinets a mint green and install vintage appliances? Do it. You have a thing for disney movies? Washi tape those Allison and Wonderland quotes all over your walls. I haven’t seen much in interiors that can’t be reversed or diverted another direction, so just go for it. And don’t get hung up on insecurity.

I’ve also learned to be a minimalist. There is so much we think we need, and don’t. We get caught up in what other people have, or what the Parenting magazines say we need in order to raise a baby successfully. And while some of it is super helpful information, most of it is just extra. Extra this. And extra that. And it has to go somewhere in the house. Instead of going out and purchasing something on impulse, saving for the things we truly want to invest in, and living without the things that are unnecessary or we just plain can’t afford, is much more liberating.

I’ve learned to mix old and new. I like it when I walk into a house and it tells a story through artwork on the walls, photographs scattered on suitcases, and interesting architectural pieces that only make sense to the owner. You want to ask questions. Where did you find this? What is this for? What inspired you to paint your staircase green? It creates a space that seems collected over time, not ordered straight out of a catalog and installed in one day. That being said, I’ve learned you also need new and functional pieces that keep the flow and organization of a house running smoothly. Sometimes you might spend a bit more money than waiting to find that perfect piece at Goodwill, but you’ll preserve your sanity when you have a place to set the kids’ shoes as soon as they walk in the door.

Lastly, I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is how God created me. For the longest time, I beat myself up for loving interiors, textures, colors, and making things pretty in general. I come from a very practical family, so I always got the impression they thought I was frivolous and that other people were judging me because I got so much enjoyment out of sprucing up my house and shopping for my next project. Over time, I’ve learned that it has nothing to do with people’s impression of me, and everything to do with what God thinks about me. He knows me better than anybody else because He fabricated me together…all my passions and quirks…my gifts and my shortcomings. And one thing I know is that He created me to create. That I am fulfilled and feel His pleasure when I am using the gifts He’s given me. That doesn’t mean I’ve always gotten to use it on interiors. Sometimes it’s homeschooling, or photographing, or cooking dinner at night. But I want to view it all as a way to use my gifts.

This time around, I’m doing it differently. I’m going slower, researching, budgeting, and collecting. So far, it’s been a whole lot more fun. :)

P.S. Want to see the two spaces I’m basing the direction of our house on? HERE and HERE. Both have white or neutral walls and bright pops of color in the furniture and decor.

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