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ANNAPOLIS AND CO: The Everyday Project // COLOR

The project was so much fun this week! Your photos were bright, colorful, and happy….just the way summer should be. :) As always, I tried to pick a variety of perspectives from your corners all over the world. You’ll find natural colors, dyed colors, and geometric colors in the squares above. I am always blown away at the beauty you can find when you look for it. Keep inspiring!!!

Our lovely features this week are from…

@republiquela // @carolyn_svellerella // @mrsrachelcox // @tshirtjeansnicki // @missingfillmore // @krwk_xiix // @itsahuntlife // @angela.doran // @erindotsmith

The photo prompt for this week is “HEALTH”. Hashtag your photos on Instagram #theeverydayproject to participate and to be inspired! I’ll post my features every week here on the blog and IG.

Back To School Giveaway!!!

ANNAPOLIS AND CO: Back To School Giveaway!

I shared photos of our first day of school last week and so many of you loved the embroidered lunch boxes that I am thrilled Stuck On You offered to do a giveaway here!!! Whenever I find a children’s company with a classic approach, pretty colors, and practical solutions, I get so happy. Stuck On You offers a wide range of products, from personalized labels for organization, to the cutest back packs and lunch boxes that wipe down easily on the inside and the outside. And after a week of school under our belts, I’m pretty sure we need these art smocks.

Stuck On You is generously offering 4 gift cards of $30.00 each to some lucky A & C readers. To enter, simply click on the Rafflecopter below to follow Annapolis & Company. For extra entries, visit the Stuck On You website and come back to comment on what you would use your gift card for!!! Giveaway ends this Friday. Best of luck to all of you!!!!

33 Weeks.



There’s something about the third trimester after multiple pregnancies that makes you swear you’ll never ever do this again. ;) I’ll spare you all my pregnancy woes because really, just google it and there’s plenty of it out there if you want to get your  Monday morning off to a good start. I’ve seen these pregnancy update questions around blog land, so in honor of being half way through the third trimester I’m going for it…

How far along are you? 33 weeks and 0 days. I look forward to every Monday and don’t understand “Monday Blues” because I wake up celebrating survival and stretchy waist bands and the fact the baby didn’t fall out when I stood up to get out of bed. These are real things, you guys.

Total weight gain? 35 lbs. I cannot even imagine what the last week of pregnancy is going to look like at this rate. Let’s just say I’m most definitely paying for every bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and my addiction to whole milk. I’ve already told Steven I’m promptly signing up for a few winter 5K’s and a gym membership when we move to GA permanently because my legs have turned to jello. Let’s make that capitalized (JELLO) because this is serious business.

Any stretch marks? Um…is that even a question?

Favorite moment this week? When Keller took my belly in his little hands and squeezed…”Mommy, I will hold him in reeeeeally tight, so he doesn’t hop out!”

Thanks, bud.

Are you having a lot of movement? Hugh is CRAZY in there. My favorite thing is to put Steven’s hand on my stomach and watch his eyes get big. Like, worried big. We both can’t believe this fourth baby didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to be laid back, but it is the most comforting thing to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is okay in there. Glorious kicks, keep coming. And pleeeease, be easy on us when you come out. ;) We’re nervous.

Food cravings? Not really cravings, just an enormous temptation to tell myself, “MB, you’ve already blown your weight gain, so screw it and enjoy these last 7 weeks.” Mostly that’s while I’m staring at the bakery aisle in Publix.

Maternity clothes? I finally gave in. I keep two pairs of pants on regular rotation and just buy bigger tees and tank tops at Gap every couple of weeks. We’re doing Dave Ramsey this summer so shopping hasn’t really been on the agenda. Hashtag force-me-to-get-creative and gag-me-now.

Belly button in, or out? Soooo out. Did I mention I’ve already gained what American doctors say is the appropriate total weight gain? No way that sucker has a chance.