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Listy List // Day Time to Date Night

I’m so excited to be guest posting for my dear friend Mary Beth! I’ve absolutely loved watching her blog go from a small little corner of the internet, to a nationally read blog! I had a friend here in California ask if I really knew her in real life, because she loves A&C!

Mary Beth asked me to curate one of my Listy Lists for her…I decided to take an outfit from day to night, from chasing the kids around to a night out with the lover boy. :) It’s mostly a relaxed outfit, with pops of yellow and subtle hits of gold. Keeping it easy is always helpful with little ones, but it’s great to be able to add a touch of glam and flirt when you’re going out with your man. :)


1// Merona Yellow Leather Flats ($39.99) – Cute, and comfortable. Essential when keeping up with kids!

2// Anthropologie Striped Tee ($68) – Relaxed, and stylish.

3// Feather Ring ($10.50) – Keep this on when switching from day to night! It adds a touch of glam to an ordinary outfit without being fussy.

4// Levi’s ($25-35) – Classic jeans are always in style. I love slightly distressed, worn-in jeans. Vintage Levi’s would be even better. These go from day to night with just a few switches!

5// Lace-Back Tank ($95) – Swap out the striped tee for this flirty lace-back tank!

6// Gold Nugget Necklace ($29.99) – Add this for even more glam.

7// Arnhem Kimono Cardigan ($138) – For when the night gets chilly, toss on this gorgeous cardigan!

8// Zara Sandals ($79.90) – I love this style of sandal…I have a similar pair in black, but I love the white for summer!


Where’s your favorite place to go on date night? Mine is the good old classic, dinner and a movie!


Jordan blogs beautifully at Our Blessed Road and is wife to Luke and mum to Jackson and Derik. She is the talented designer behind Hey There. design, and my own personal friend. I am so so blessed.

the creative closet | beach essentials for the girls

With our trip back to the east coast getting closer and closer, I thought it would be fun to show you a few things I’ve been eyeing for the girls in the family (I’ll be back tomorrow with the boys). I feel like I’m in a good place in this family, knowing what we actually use in the summers, and what is all a hullabaloo in current trends. I mean, I am all about style and love keeping up with trends, but white jeans for a 5-yr-old girl who climbs trees and plays in the mud??? Are you kidding me? Never going to work over here. I find myself gravitating over and over to soft cotton and linen fabrics with stripes/pastel/neutral colors that will mix and match easily….


No. 1 | Old Navy lightweight tunic ($16) | I like this feminine dress (with all the pretty details) for the fraction of the cost of higher designer brands. I love the fact that it is lightweight, since our summers are so intense here.

No. 2 | H & M Rolled Denim Shorts ($9.95) | I’ve found that I don’t need a lot of shorts for the girls. A simple denim pair lasts forever and goes with everything. I wish we had an H & M here!!!!

No. 3 | Garnett Hill Rash Guard ($39) | This would be a complete splurge for me, but oh how I love swim suits. We wear them constantly in schooner town, so it’s the one thing I know I could spend money on and it would be put to good use!

No. 4 | H & M Mint Sunnies ($4.95) | The schooners love sunnies. They are the type of kids that will wear any and all accessories. They’ll wear hats and scarves, necklaces and belts. I’m a lucky mum, I know. At $4.95, I think I just may try to pick some of these sunnies up in Atlanta on our way back.

No. 5 | Mini Boden Coverup ($36) | I had no idea how versatile coverups were till last year. I had bought a precious yellow one for Emma Claire last summer at a consignment sale and she wore it every day, I’m pretty sure. If it was in the wash, I missed it. I thought they were just for looks, but we got so much use out of it that I’m on the hunt for a couple that’ll meet our needs. Mini Boden, you are tempting me.

No. 6 | Zara Leather Sandals ($49.90) | A little out of my price range, but oh so perfect, no??? Love me some european Zara. Again, these sandals would go with absolutely everything. They could be dressed up or down, and leather lasts forever so they are some shoes I’m convinced could be passed down. Which is rare around here because my kiddos are hard on clothes.

No. 7 | Old Navy Cotton Dress ($14.99) | Stripes will never go out of style in my book. They have a safe haven with us. Mixed with cotton fabric? Perfection. That’s our go-to look if you haven’t noticed. I think this dress would be perfect for cooler evenings on the beach, or an early sunrise stroll.


I work at Anthropologie, and there have been several things I’ve had my eye on for our trip back east. I get a deep discount on three items a month, and I think I’m going to buy three things for the beach…help me pick which ones!!!!


No. 1 | Comfy dress. I could not live without one. This one would work so well for errand running with the kids, as a coverup, as a date night dress with a statement necklace and some fun shoes…possibilities are endless.

No. 2 | Stripey swim suit. I dig the sailory look with the stripes and the tie in front. And I could use a swim suit. I think I wore a maternity one last summer that I altered to fit me. It was always a toss-up if the bottoms would fall off as I was getting out of the pool. Really, MB? Get it together.

No. 3 | Straw hat. I’m a hat person. Year round. Rain or shine. I love them. Straw hats with maxi dresses on the beach? I swoon.

No. 4 | Comfy shorts. This fabric pops up in dresses, shirts, and now in shorts at anthropologie…I can’t get enough of it.

No. 5 | Romper. Steven says I am crazy. He says that these should never come back in. But I think there is a right way to do them and a wrong way and when done right? I love them. I’ve had my eye on these for a loooong time…do you think he’ll kill me?

No. 6 | Flowy pants. I’ve learned to think outside of my comfort zone since working at anthropologie. One thing you would have never seen me in before is wide-legged, patterned pants. And now I think they are so hip. So classy. So european. Maybe I’ll take the plunge….

No. 7 | Earrings. My children have ruined just about every single piece of jewelry I own, so it’s hard for me to spend money on that sort of thing during this season of my life. I would, however, love to have one set of earrings like these that are pretty and dangly for date nights or photo shoots.

No. 8 | Linen. In my perfect world, we would all be wearing linen and cotton. There is something so earthy about it. So effortless. I think these rolled linen pants would be timeless. Working well for the beach and then here for our hot summers.

No. 9 | Mirror. This is nothing fashion related, but I want it. Waaay out of my price range. My thrift store finds and hand me down’s don’t hold a candle to the price of that thing, but if I were to ever splurge one day, it would be on something like that wall-mounted mirror.


So, what three things do you think I should pick???? Should I pick something safe, like the dress? Or go out on a limb a little and get the romper?

And just so you know, I picked out a few things from Anthropologie for you too! Enter to win with a simple email subscription to A & C and facebook comment here. Only 20-some entries so far, so your chances are good, good, good.

The Creative Closet | Red

Annapolis & Company | RedAnnapolis & Company | Red

I guess I spoke too soon. We had a cold front come through and it was sweaters and boots all over again. Our weather is…unpredictable.

There was a tornado that swept through Oklahoma about 20 minutes from us last week. Before we moved here, everyone was like, “But what about the tornadoes!” And we honestly have wondered where they are. A few warnings, but nothing extremely close to home.

But last week? Steven woke me up around midnight and had me and the kids squeeze into our little linen closet in the center of the house. The sirens were going off for what felt like forever, and I was legitimately scared. The kids were troopers and slept right through it….I huddled them close for about an hour in that tiny space while we waited. Keller was on top of me and the girls were smooshed in on either side. The storm missed us and we finally crawled back into bed somewhere between 1am and 2am. I let Keller sleep in bed with us…partly because I was exhausted and partly because I was so shaken up.

Ever since the Boston bombing, I think I’ve been on edge. I’ve been watching the news more {we don’t have tv, so mostly what I find on the internet}, trying to bring myself out of the mothering daze I’ve been in for the past 5 yrs. The safe haven of bottles and diapers, avocados and pancakes. And slowly I am coming out of my shell, waking up to current events. And sometimes…well…sometimes I wish I could go back.

Back to my shell.

Back to safe.

Back to cozy sweaters.

Back to uninformed.

I know, in the end, that that is no way to deal with things…and so I’m tentatively immersing myself back into what is now our culture. Hello, technology. Hello, overalls coming back in. Hello, tumultuous times. I will catch up to your speed!


But in my heart of hearts, I’ll be living in Avonlea. :) I’ll be reading books and wearing my moccasins. I’ll cozy up in sweaters…and drink my coffee or chai tea. I’ll do my best to bring the warm back to a chilly day. And the cozy to a hot summer.

Because the world is what we make of it.

Or so I believe.


//Sweater: Anthropologie //Knit Dress: Anthropologie //Knit Tights: Anthropologie //Boots: Target

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