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The Weekenders


△ △ △ This photograph will go down as one of my favorites in the history of all my archives. It’s perfectly fitting for this season in our lives. Keller believes it is his mission on earth to take every single thing that is special to the girls and parade around the house with it as they scream for their prized possession. Which, naturally, brings out the fighting and the hoarding. I can’t tell you all the weird places I’ve found the girls’ stash of toys “so that Keller won’t get it”, but one time I found them all in the shower as I was about to turn the water on. This leads to bickering and scratching and hitting. And most days it is funny to me, until I remember life is a whole lot about giving up what you think is rightfully yours. And then I also remember I’m their mother and the one who shows them their world…so we sit down and have the same conversation we had yesterday…for the fiftieth time. I know enough by now, that mothering is not in the huge breakthroughs, but rather the consistency of the everyday. And consistency is hard for me.


△ △ △ Speaking of consistency, we’ve decided to make January our month to officially kick the thumb sucking habit that has had such a tight grip on the schooners for the past few years. Keller’s face pretty much sums up how he feels about it. The girls are totally into it after we told them they could pick whatever they wanted from Target if they were thumb-free by February. You all left some hilarious stories on Facebook and Instagram that had us dying laughing and shaking our heads at the clever ideas your parents had when you were little. Thanks to you, we now have a little calendar that sits on the kitchen table, and Emma Claire faithfully crosses off each day that goes by and she hasn’t sucked her thumb. On the other hand, we find Keller sneaking his “dankee” (blanket) and hiding behind the couch just sucking away all proud of himself. Ah…that child! Don’t let the pucker lips fool you. He is one ham of a man. And did you know he wants a rainbow birthday party for his third birthday in February? Yes, you read that right. Not dump trucks. Rainbows.

Lord, have mercy.


△ △ △ We got snow this weekend (yay!!!!!!) and my children equate that with baking. ;) They began buttering me up with, “Mum, you’re the best baker we know.” And “You’re my favorite girl.” and my personal favorite, “You don’t have to do a thing. Just lay out the ingredients, and we’ll make it.”



△ △ △ We tried to play out in the snow, but it was powdery and the winds were strong enough that we didn’t last long. We took a jaunt up to Utica Square and got bagels and coffee with all the old folks who don’t care about driving in the snow on a Sunday morning either. The schooners had the little park all to themselves and jumped on rocks and hills to their heart’s content. Then Keller’s hands got cold and we learned do not ever let his hands get cold. The freakout of the century happened and Steven canNOT handle freak outs with Keller. (Can you even imagine what he’ll say when I show him my rainbow decorations for the party?!)


In all seriousness, he’s the best snow driver there is. And I need a man around to drive me in the snow. A hot one, at that.


△ △ △ It’s hard to believe, but before the snow came, it was in the fifties here and the kids were running around barefoot outside. They got chalk for Christmas and we finally got a chance to take it out to the patio and draw things. I couldn’t make out much, but rainbows were one of them.

I just ordered “Steady Days”, at my friend’s suggestions, and I’m working on building more of a routine around here with chores, and brushing teeth, and school. I so often forget as I’m cleaning the house that I need to delegate these smaller jobs and that they absolutely love being responsible for a part of our home. They are getting big so so fast and I can hardly believe we’re in the “chore” phase of parenting. This was supposed to happen waaay later, right?!


△ △ △ Emma Claire has been scrunching up her forehead for the past few days trying to figure out how paper is made. I could see the wheels in her head turning and she would come up with suggestions for how she thought it arrived in our office. Things like, “I know! They must cut it up really thin and then paint it white so we have white paper.” This was as she was falling asleep and I was singing to her, so I promised the next day we would look up a video and learn how it was made. We came across this one for kids and it was so cute and easy to understand, I had to share. We are really bad recyclers over here…like, I’m a total skeptic. (Don’t leave me hate mail in the comments, please!) But after that one little video, we just might make paper recycling one of our 2014 goals.

And that’s our weekend wrap-up, folks!!! See you tomorrow with some really good music.

Wild Weekend.


Wildfire by John Mayer on Grooveshark
I know you all were thinking we went out and partied, but our idea of a wild weekend is different than yours.

Apparently! ;)

Me and the kids have been feeling the urge to get out and see something other than the four walls of our little ranch style house, so we bribed daddy with Starbucks coffee and asked him to drive. “Anywhere!!!” we told him. We ended up in our favoritest spot in Oklahoma – the Keystone Dam and Lake in Sand Springs. We have logged many memories here, and there’s just something comforting about visiting a place that is your familiar. A place that you feel you know in your soul…



The kids fell asleep on our way and there was construction that blocked the bridge off, so we parked on the side of the road and sat down to watch the sun setting across the lake and through the trees. It had been a gorgeous 60-degree-day and all was quiet and still and peaceful.

I need that in my life from time to time. ;)



So often I think we lose ourselves as parents. In the day to day hustle of getting things done and meeting the needs of our children who cry loudest for our attention, we forget to be quiet and still. We forget to look over at our right hand person and see what it is they need. What does he/she see in us? Who have we become to them? I have had my fair share of seasons where sleep was little and diapers were many, but we are in this weird stage right now of having no babies and no diapers and we find ourselves soaking up the togetherness in between breaking up fights and schoolwork and ballet. Knowing seasons change and go from hard to easier, to harder than you thought you could handle.

At 26, I’ve seen the changing tides of life that come with college, dating, marriage, parenting, moving, loneliness, relationships, finances, jobs…and I know that they are all good. Just some times are harder than others. So we take a quiet moment by a lake, and celebrate. We take sunlight pouring through windows, and lift it to the One who gives. We take Cool Mint Chocolate Cliff Bars, and break bread. We replace broken bowls with new ones, and give thanks. For He is good. Always He is good.


△△△ One of my goals after work slowed down, was to begin saying goodbye to the TV. We had gotten waaaaay too wrapped up in that thing over here so we could survive. It’s funny how easily kids adapt when you think it’s going to be torture to introduce a new routine. It took two days, but they’ve not asked for it once and we’ve replaced it with good old fashioned outside play on nice days and puzzles, books, and toys. Things haven’t really changed in the last few hundred years, eh?


△△△ No TV = TONS of imaginative play. And a lot more bumps and bruises. I see hooligans and con artists in the making and I can’t quite figure out how to combat that yet. Any ideas???


△△△ Thank the good Lord for husbands who let their wives go out and have a little fun, amen?! I finally replaced our dwindling supply of cracked dollar store bowls with some pretty ones from Anthropologie. The schooners got to use them for their oatmeal since I hadn’t done the dishes. (One of my goals for 2014. Or…the rest of my life, I should say.) And I included the Cool Mint Chocolate Cliff Bar as a public service to you all. You should get yourself some! Not sponsored, but do you even need that disclaimer? ;)


△△△ This girl. I try really hard not to assume or abuse her helpfulness and ultra Type A personality, but she is honestly the biggest servant I’ve ever seen. Emma Claire loves the kitchen and all things culinary, so I’ve been letting her make the food while I do chores along side of her. We’ve got a really good stride going and I love sharing life with a daughter.

We also made popcorn this weekend and I snuggled in with the schooners and watched Tangled for the first time. They’d seen it before and held me for all the scary parts. Seriously. I can’t handle much in movies. That part where they’re running through the tunnel and the dam breaks? My nails are ALL gone, I’m telling you.

I feel the need to confess I didn’t just buy bowls this weekend. Me and the schooners hit up the ghetto of all ghetto thrift stores that so many of my friends swear by. I pep talk myself in the parking lot before I go in…“Hold your purse tight. Get the kids lined up in a train. Lock the car doors immediately.” etc. But you walk out with a pair of vintage, high waisted Levi’s shorts for 88 cents and you just kind of feel like you’re walking on air. Until you remember you need to get the kids in fast so you can lock your doors.

I’m really trying to embrace summer and the heat better, so the shorts felt like my first acceptance speech to the new year. Then I showed them to Steven with a happy dance thrown in and he did NOT get it. Somebody tell him to join Pinterest and take a look at my style board!!!!!

I met with my dear friend, Lisa, for coffee. (She appreciates high-waisted Levi’s, let me tell you.) In all seriousness, it was one of those “iron sharpens iron” conversations and I found myself sitting there soaking up all her wisdom and knowledge. You meet some people and they just make you better, you know? They challenge, encourage, get you to think and dream.

God is good to give us people…

And that was our wild weekend. The last one in 2013 and I can honestly say I’m a bit sad about that, if I weren’t so excited for 2014. How was yours????

P.S. Megan and Mike Gilger have begun hashtagging their weekends with #wildweekend on Instagram. They travel a TON, and I always love seeing where they’re off to next. You can find them HERE and HERE.

And you won’t regret it.

Over and out for real this time.

Dallas Weekend


 We packed up the schooner suitcase on a Friday night and left early on Saturday morning for Dallas. Now that the kids are getting older and have a few 20 +-hour drives under their belts, they always ask where we’re going and what snacks we’re going to have (the highlight of traveling for them!)  Keller says, “a-benture” for “adventure” and that not only makes my heart melt into a puddle, but makes me want to sell almost everything and buy an airstream so we can go on “a-bentures” all year long.

We didn’t bring our little portable DVD players for the 5 hour drive, and instead brought notebooks and library books to occupy the kids. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous because the TV ranks second from snacks. But they did absolutely awesome and it never ceases to amaze me how well they travel. I keep thinking with each new milestone (all three being potty trained and needing to stop) that we are sure to get burnt out and they will decide they want to leave this wanderlusting family. But we keep trekking along and they keep following us. Thank goodness!

This was more of a work weekend for me, and Steven graciously came under the weather and kept the kids alive while I held several family portrait sessions back-to-back. While I was getting the full tour of Dallas driving to all my locations, Steven was deciding he would never ever be the stay-at-home-dad type. And we both made a pact that while I might work part-time, he’s bringing home the main bacon and building the bird houses.

I got to meet several blog readers in real life and that was so so special. When I read your comments of support and encouragement on here and social media, I’m reminded all over again of the power of people rallying around each other, not trying to stand alone. I guess I’ve been re-learning that lesson over the past two years, and trying so desperately to pass it on to my children. For I’ve seen the divisive power of competitiveness, jealousy, and bitterness amongst women and how it destroys and hurts like none other. I’m firmly convinced it’s one of the greatest contributors for the lack of unity in community (specifically amongst women) and I so wish more older women would rise up and not only be examples, but teach the younger women that their identity is in Christ. Period. And searching for more comments, or more followers, or hipper clothes, or cooler cars at school drop-off, or hotter husbands, or the most original DIY, or thinner thighs, and the healthiest school lunches, is all such a grasp for acceptance and self-worth. In all the wrong places. That comparison is robbing us of joy. Over and over again.

Man, I want to teach my daughters that.

So I got to meet a lot of cool people this weekend. People who told me they were rooting for me. People who were just as excited about opportunities on my horizon, as I was. And you just can’t quite be more humbled than when you see perfect strangers take an investment in your life like that. I’ll never forget it.

When all the shoots were done and it was late on a Sunday evening, Casey had us over. After working together since the beginning of this year, it was such a treat to get to meet each other! I had an inkling our kiddos would hit it off since they are avid nature lovers too and sure enough. My suspicions were correct. After getting to see their bearded dragon and snake, (it was dark, so we couldn’t see the bunnies or chickens this time) Steven and I talked about ditching presents this year and just getting a bearded dragon for the kids. They would be on cloud nine, and it would be SO easy for us. Seriously. We’re considering it.

We’ll be back in Dallas next week…this time, for Steven’s work. I have plans to take the schooners ice skating and hit up Ikea, since I didn’t get to it this time. But man did I ever hit up Trader Joes on the way back. As in, I got 6 jars of Cookie Butter, per my friend’s suggestion. Um, I went to bed last night with an open jar on my nightstand table, and when I woke up this morning it was gone. I looked everywhere for it and still have yet to find it. Something tells me Keller made another one of his early morning food raids….

Want to tell your weekend stories too?! Feel free to link up below. No rules or special instructions. Just wanting this to be a place for bloggers to meet one another….