A Simple Bath


I feel weird about posting photos of our house here in SC when (if all keeps going well) we’ll be leaving it next month. But………so many of you ask for house pictures and so much of our hard work oozes from these walls that I want to remember how two newly weds with babies began stamping a piece of our history here 5 years ago.


This bath is one of my favorite places in the house, mostly because it was such a huge project and we actually pulled it off (I wish I had a good “before” photo!). My mom helped us redesign the existing layout around it and the new design led us to put in a hallway, closet, and laundry room right outside this door. This space was also originally a full bath with a dropped down ceiling, but we opted to take out the tub and open up the master bath behind it. The dropped down ceiling held plumbing that needed to be replaced – which Steven did – and then we left a part of it dropped down like this…


…and added recessed lighting from Home Depot. We painted the walls a subtle blue that actually looks white if you were to go off of the paint sample alone. It has remained one of my favorite colors and 5 years later I’m still in love with it. That is saying something.


The pedestal sink was a craigslist steal with faucet already attached, so we left it even though it’s not what I would have necessarily chosen. The towels and black shelf are from our Pottery Barn outlet and the plants in baskets I’ve had for years from Ikea, but I’m pretty sure they still sell something similar. It’s funny how I thought I had changed so much in the few years we’ve been gone from this house, but really the bare bones of my style have remained the same - minimal, fresh, and clean. Every time I think about adding something to the walls, or hanging a roman shade, I remind myself less is more.

And it truly is.


Cobbler, Peanut Butter, and Dirt




Remember when I began the year so strong with the 52 Project, “A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2014″??? And then….my camera was packed away…the move…the pregnancy…I found my camera again but didn’t feel like taking pictures…and yada yada yada. I have a big pile of excuses if you want me to keep going. No? Darn it.

I believe it is week 30/52. So we’ll just pick it up where we left off.

Emma still loves to help me in the kitchen and since we make blackberry cobbler every week she’s practically got the recipe memorized. Her eyelashes in that photo kill me.

Shiloh has grown up so much this summer. Still my little four-year-old, but oh so close to being five and wanting to be responsible for big girl chores and spelling words on paper. One day she asked for “honey sandwiches” and I was so tired I told her she could make them herself if she was really careful. I couldn’t believe it but she counted out all the bread – enough for each of us to have one – and made peanut butter and honey for our on-the-go house hunting lunch. She had just a smidgeon of peanut butter in her hair when she was all done and was sooooo proud of herself.

Then there’s my little man. Oh, Keller. He can’t go anywhere without running and we were headed out the door for church this past weekend when he stumbled and fell in the mud – as it was raining, no less. There was mud everywhere and we had to give him a full shower, making us late. Again.

We have a birthday and an anniversary coming up and I couldn’t tell you where this year has gone. What a blur life has been. Hold me to this project at least every other week because I love seeing these schooners change and grow.

And psssst. Madewell has an extra 40% off their sale items with code ENDLESS. I ordered this sweatshirt that can be layered with skinnies or yoga pants for my stay in the hospital and when I’m trying to lose the baby weight this fall.

The Everyday Project | A New Photo Challenge!

ANNAPOLIS AND CO: The Everyday Project

I’ve finally spent a morning making a page tab for The Everyday Project. For those of you who’ve asked for a quick reference to all the tutorials, interviews, and social media discussions, it’s all there and neatly organized! I hope you’ll take a minute to click around…I couldn’t believe how much content a year of writing on the subject of phone photography produced. It makes me so proud we did it.

I’ve decided to do another 8 week photo prompt challenge since the last one was such a huge hit. To participate, simply hashtag your photos #theeverydayproject on Instagram. I choose the features by searching under the hashtag every Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. 9 of your photos are featured every Wednesday or Thursday with links to your Instagram account here on the blog, as well as promoted on my own personal Instagram feed. I choose photos that are taken with a phone camera, that fit the 1 : 1 square, are best representative of the photo prompt for that week, and show a strong sense of creativity. These are not requirements for hash tagging your photos with #theeverydayproject, (in fact, I welcome the diversity!) but for the photo prompts that is how I choose. Here is the list of weekly photo prompts for you…I cannot wait to see everyone’s personal takes on each challenge!

Week One: Flora

Week Two: Abode

Week Three: Color

Week Four: Health

Week Five: Words

Week Six: Scapes

Week Seven: Geometry

Week Eight: Portrait